The Murder of the Mills:A Case Study of Phoenix Mills

Author:  Shekhar Krishnan
Affiliation:  Girangaon Bachao Andolan & Lokshahi Hakk Sanghatana
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Death of an Industrial City: Testimonies of Life Around Bombay Textile Strike of 1982

Author:  Hemant Babu
Affiliation:  V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
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The Tenth Month: Bombay’s Historic Textile Strike

Author:  Factsheet Collective
Affiliation:  Centre for Education and Documentation
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Revitalizing Mumbai Textile Mill Lands for the City

Author:  Vinay Surve
Affiliation:  Department of Art, Architecture and Art History, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
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Claiming Entitlements in ‘Neo-Liberal’ India: Mumbai’s Ex-millworkers’ Political Mobilisation on the Rehabilitation Question

Author:  Sumeet Mhaskar
Affiliation:  Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Gottingen
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Mumbai’s Land-Misuse Plan & People’s Alienation

Author:  P K Das
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600 Acres of Mill Land: For the Public or the Privileged

Author:  Neera Adarkar
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